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Welcome to Green Oaks Performing Arts Counselor Page.

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 Graduation Requirements:  

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Seniors:The ONLY way to qualify for financial aid for your college education is by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online @ and its FREE! This form is based on your parent/guardians' tax information and is required for TOPS.

 Keep in mind that ALL 4-Year universities in Louisiana require specific sub scores on the ACT for admission.  Minimum is English 18 and Math 19.  Effective fall 2014 – No developmental courses at any four year university.  The Class of 2014 will be tied to both minimum scores and the more stringent TOPS requirements.  Details at


Please take some time and visit the link below.  The Shreveport Times newspaper ran an article on different colleges, universities, financial aid, and cell phone apps that can provide useful information for students.

 Again PLEASE PLEASE....take a moment to view this link. 

 Directions:  copy and paste the link below into web search browser.



 Make sure you log onto and access the senior message board to find the latest scholarships.  Deadlines are quickly approaching.