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What's going on in GIANT Land?

Attention 2021 Graduates and parents:

Please click on the link below for Green Oaks 2021 Graduation.  Each Senior can invite 10 guests.  Each guest must have a ticket to enter graduation.  Please contact the front office for further information.


  • All high school students who failed their LEAP 2025 tests, needed for graduation requirements, will need to register for Summer Remediation.  All high school students who failed a core subject (English, Math, Social Studies, and Science) for the first semester or the second semester need to register for Summer Credit Recovery.  Credit Recovery Summer School is free this summer!   Students can avoid retaking a subject next school year and stay on pace to graduate on time.  Please take advantage of this free chance to be promoted.  It will not be offered next summer.  Please go to following links to register as it pertains to you:

    Summer School 2021

     If you failed a core subject the 1st Semester or 2nd Semester (need 1/2 or 1 full credit), register with this link:

    • High School Credit Recovery Session 1

    If you failed your LEAP 2025 Spring Test, register with this link:

     Devices will be issued by the school for students who are students of Green Oaks. Please see your grade level counselor for more details.


2021 Graduation Start Time Changed
05/26/2021 06:32 AM

Due to weather, today’s 2021 Green Oaks Graduation start time has changed from 8:00am to 10:00 am this morning. Graduates will report at 9:00 am. Faculty and staff not assisting with graduation will report at 9:15 am. Guests Please bring towels to wipe off seating.