Join the Green Oaks PTSA! 



  1. To build a closer relationship with the Principal, Teachers, Students and Parents.

  2. To re-strengthen Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy.

  3. To support Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy.

  4. To assign different people to the Auxiliaries/Clubs at Green Oaks. (There are no booster clubs at this school).

  5. To work together with other area PTAs in the Martin Luther King community.

  6. To circulate pamphlets highlighting Green Oaks.

  7. To keep the community informed about the accomplishments, events or activities at Green Oaks.

  8. To setup workshops and fun nights for our parents.


  • “Let Go, I’m Climbing

  • Filling out applications

  • Dressing for Success

  • Interview Training

  • Outreach Programs

  • Nutrition Training (LSU AgCenter)

  • Intangible Money Training

  • Breaking the Cycle (Government dependency & teen pregnancy)

  • I Am My Brother/Sister Keeper (Ongoing Sessions)

  • Help in getting GED

  • Medical Assistance

Meeting Dates:

Every 1st or 2nd Thursday (Meeting Date Will Be Announced)


Membership Dues:

$10.00 Each New School Year


Who Can Join?




​Community Member

GO Alumnus


I pledge to do all I can to help aid Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy and the MLK (Cooper Road) Community.


I pledge to be a positive light for Green Oaks and a positive voice for the students.


I pledge to assist the teachers when needed to the best of my ability.


I pledge to assist the various auxiliaries when needed.


I pledge to have a positive attitude and throw all negativeness out the window.


I pledge to help Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy when I can.

I now say: Yes I can Make A Difference. Yes I Can Make A Difference. I Will Make A Difference!

For more information about Green Oaks PTSA please contact Mrs. Lola Lawson