Succeeding at Green Oaks 


Louisiana’s Jump Start program is a new paradigm for career and technical education (CTE), requiring students to attain an industry-promulgated, industry-valued credential in order to graduate high school.

Louisiana’s Jump Start program aligns Louisiana’s K-12 CTE strategy with the state’s economic development strategies. Jump Start regional teams – consisting of school districts, colleges, businesses and workforce / economic development experts – collaborate to provide career courses and workplace experiences to high school students. Students have the opportunity in high school to earn industry-valued, industry-promulgated credentials in the career fields most likely to lead to high-wage jobs, while preparing them to continue their post-secondary education (in 2- and 4- year colleges) and career development.

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LEAP 2025 Assessments

High school students now take LEAP 2025 Assessments in six subjects: Algebra I, Geometry, English I and II, Biology and U.S. History. The LEAP 2025 Assessments comprise 15% of the student’s Final Grade in the subject. The score students receive as the results of taking the assessment is automatically calculated as the course Final Exam. 

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Middle school students now take LEAP 2025 Assessments in all core subjects in both their 7th and 8th grade year. . The LEAP 2025 Assessments are used to determine individual Pupil Progression.  

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All Juniors in the state of Louisiana are required to take the American College Test, also known as, the ACT. This assessment is administered in the month of March each school year, free of charge to all Juniors.

At Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy, the ACT is also counted for every Junior as a separate accountability grade in all Core classes. 

Earning College Credit

Here ate Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy, we offer several opportunities for students to earn College Credit while also earning their Carnegie unites required to meet Louisiana Department of Education Graduation Requirements. 

Advanced Placement

AP gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they're still in high school and earn college credit and placement. Students take the exam at the end of the year. Student earn a score between 1-5. Colleges begin to accept AP credit with a score of a 3. Students will need to verify with their respective college if the score is acceptable.

We offer the following courses for AP credit:

  • American History 

  • Biology II

  • Chemistry 

  • Language and Composition

  • Literature and Composition

Dual Enrollment

Students are able to take High School classes at the same as a Semester College course. Students must meet the requirements (ACT score(s), Pre-ACT score(s), College Application, High School GPA, Teacher/ Administrator recommendation, Parental Consent form) to enroll in a Dual Enrollment course. Students are responsible for not only the High School class work requirements, buts also the College Course class work. Through Dual Enrollment, students' college transcripts start to build and follow them through their post-secondary college journey. 


Green Oaks Performing Arts Academy is a CLEP Testing Site. We are able to offer our students an opportunity to earn college credit by taking a Cumulative Exam on a specific content topic. To earn college credit, students earn atleast a score of 50. Students will need to verify with their respective college if the score is acceptable. In some instances, students not only earn College Credit, they also earn High School credit as well.  


We have had great success with College Algebra for the last two school years with a passing rate of over 80% and this past year, we  had a 50% passing rate on the Biology CLEP. 

We wll be offering the following CLEP exams for the 2019-2020 school year:

  • College Algebra

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present  (World History)

  • History of the United States II

  • French Language

  • American Literature

  • College Composition